Tips for New ScrumMasters

Even those individuals who have years of experience developing in a Scrum environment might be intimidated by the prospect of serving as a teams's ScrumMaster. The breadth of what a ScrumMaster is asked to do for a team is very expansive—it can range from reminding a team to more closely follow the tenets of Scrum to more hands-on resolution, like replacing a fried CPU. Given how divergent the challenges a ScrumMaster face, it's helpful to have a guide from an experienced ScrumMaster to make sure the basics are being covered. Below, I've included links to two very good guides that will certainly be helpful to any new ScrumMaster. First off, check out Tirthankar Barari's "Tips for First-time ScrumMasters" on the Scrum Alliance website. Secondly, take a look at Certified Scrum Trainer Michael James' blog, "A ScrumMaster's Checklist."

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