Scrum Coaching for Agile Success

The Scrum Alliance has published a new whitepaper called “Coaching is Key for Scrum Success” which outlines some of the problems organizations face when implementing Scrum, how Scrum coaching can help, and what to look for in a Scrum coach. Most organizations run into issues when first implementing Scrum. Rather than let these problems continue to plague the Agile implementation and jeopardize the risk of success, many organizations find that working with a Scrum coach early in the process helps to avoid “Scrum-But” and reverting to old ways of doing things. Scrum coaches can also help to minimize learning curves, resolve organizational impediments and identify potential stumbling blocks early on. Scrum coaches help to streamline agile transformation by bringing an outside view of the organization to remove intrinsic bias and taking the time pressure off the product line managers by providing guidance and management of the Scrum implementation. What should you look for in a good Scrum coach? First, a good Scrum coach should be experienced, accredited and an active and respected member of the Scrum community. They should be knowledgeable about Scrum and organizational cultures and exhibit strong leadership, collaboration and communication skills. Lastly they should be inspirational and able to inspire teams to change and try ways of doing things. If you are interested in reading this whitepaper you can download it for free on the Scrum Alliance website: If you are interested in learning more about private coaching and what it can do for your organization, we invite you to talk to one of our Scrum trainers and coaches. Visit

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