June 2009

What Stands in the Way of an Agile Transformation?

Craig Larman and Bas Vodde have published a list of the top ten impediments organizations face when attempting to adopt agile management methods, based on a survey of agile experts at very large companies. Now, I know most of us don't like to be reminded about what we're doing wrong, but, frankly, that's exactly why I'd recommend taking a look at this. You might recognize some of these anti-patterns. In fact, some may be much too close to the bone.

Organizational Resistance

Over at CIO.com, Paul Krill reports on an IBM-hosted agile workshop that took place recently in San Mateo, Calif. , where various thought leaders discussed the benefits and challenges of agile transformations. Although most of the information would be familiar to most agile users (or even readers of this blog), itÂ’s still a solid introduction to the concepts at stake in agile development.