January 2009

3 Keys to Effective Product Ownership

In agile and Scrum, the Product Owner is, by far, the most demanding role. The PO acts as a go-between for communication between the customer and the development team, but, if the whole project goes to the dogs, he or she is the individual responsible for the disaster. But that responsibility doesnÂ’t necessarily mean that the PO is in complete command of every situation.

Do You Know Agile as Well as You Think You Do?

Over at the blog Business Analyst Diaries, I came across a this post asking readers what their elevator pitch for agile would sound like. ItÂ’s a fun post, with a few stabs included in his original post and at least one game commenter chiming in, but I think it speaks to a few critical issues for the success of agile. First of all, agile is still neither widely nor clearly understood. And secondly, when it remains vaguely defined or misunderstood, its value isnÂ’t obvious to those who need it most.