November 2008

Re-reading the Agile Manifesto, Part Two

In my last post, I discussed a section of the Agile Manifesto that jumped out at me when I read it recently. I thought IÂ’d add another post on the Manifesto: ItÂ’s not a long document, but every word is carefully chosen to reinforce what agile stands for, so I think it merits some scrutiny. Another line in the “Twelve Principles of Agile Software” section that spells out how agile leads to the delivery of the “right” product is:      Â“Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.” In the past, stakeholders and developers might never actually meet.

Re-reading the Agile Manifesto, Part One

Today, I took a look at the Agile Manifesto, the document signed by agile gurus such as Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland, Mike Beedle, Alistair Cockburn, Kent Beck, and others at UtahÂ’s Snowbird Ski Resort in 2001. Most folks who have worked in an agile environment know the manifesto well (if not, you should check it out: ). IÂ’ve noticed that, the longer I use agile, the more deeply I understand the principles that inform the manifesto.